The founder and executive director of the Foundation, Chanda Hinton, endured a spinal cord injury leaving her paralyzed at age 9. By the time she entered her early twenties, Chanda’s health was quickly declining.

During a meeting with Chanda’s doctor, her sister, a yoga instructor and licensed massage therapist, asked about integrative therapy options. The physician responded, “At this point, do it. Chanda has nothing left to lose.” Within days of receiving integrative therapies, Chanda’s health began to turn around.

As her health improved, Chanda and her family learned more about the lack of access to integrative therapies available to people living with long-term physical disabilities. At that moment, it became Chanda’s personal mission to change this reality.

In 2005, Chanda and her sister, Crystal Hinton, founded the Chanda Plan Foundation, offering integrative therapies through providers in the community, regardless of participants’ ability to pay. In 2013, Chanda Plan Foundation also began offering these treatments on site at its own facility. These therapies promote wellness and healing, encourage movement, reduce pain, support recovery and improve the overall quality of life for persons living with long-term physical disabilities. 

In 2017, after a successful capital campaign, the Chanda Plan Foundation opened the Chanda Center for Health as a separate 509(a)(2) charitable organization. In 2018, the Chanda Plan Foundation became the fundraising entity for the Chanda Center for Health and all its programs.

The mission of the Chanda Plan Foundation is to support the Chanda Center for Health in delivering and advocating for integrative therapy, primary care and other complementary services to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs for persons with physical disabilities.

Board of Directors

Erin Flores, Board Chair
VP Client Services, Philanthropy Expert

Kate Wyeth, Member
Contractor Sales, Alpine Lumber

Cathie Beck, Member
President, Capital City Public Relations

Clare Morey, Secretary
Clinical Research Coordinator, Craig Hospital

Gabrielle Steckman, Member
President & Consultant, Steckman Consulting

Art Lowry, Member
CEO, Amazing Care

Heather Nydam, Treasurer
CFO Consultant

Oliver Giminaro, Member
Engineer & Participant

Denise Lund, Member
Senior Technical Recruiter at Innovar Group

Ryan Zeiger, Emeritus Member
Policy & Advocacy, Team Public Choices

Ben Stockman, Emeritus Member
Principal, Shwagger LLC

FORE! Health Golf Tournament

Join the Chanda Plan Foundation for the 13th Annual Fore! Health Golf Tournament to improve the quality of life for persons with physical disabilities and have fun doing it!

312 Centura Hills Drive, Cairo, Nebraska
Food and tournament festivities to follow